Friday, July 16, 2010

LYRICS 2009-2011

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DEMO, 2009

vessels - we stared in awe as they killed us all with their distaste for love and their conflicting laws. so we drink the wine our fathers aged and save our voices for another fucking day. surreal harmony as the body twists between the procession of hands and teeth, marching towards a fading hum. send the children to their rooms, pour some wine, close the blinds and fucking kill ourselves. We can hear the cross drag. god and country, church and state, strung and hung. deja vu, we're fucking through.

lockjaw - i believe in something rational and concrete. a contract in my chest that ink could never stain. your hearts are anchored by the weight of indiscretion, your wrists are tethered to a cross and i can't help but feel alone. i am the throat of war on your kind in a world that is loveless. it shakes me cold when you cry out for justice. swallow the shit that you call your faith while the pineboxes litter the streets like a plague. god is man and man is fucked.



the sorry flesh - i'd trade the sun for the moon, and my vices for the stars to get away from these walking scars. i'll never find what i'm looking for. i was carved from the earth with a weak heart. it's got me down. it's got me desperate. i called home but my mind was empty. poison. carry on a brand new day to yearn for nothing. poison. live your life on display. every aching moment. spit out like a broken tooth, a wayward vessel bound by youth. the way we grow, it makes me sick. cast down all my earthly desires. i hid my heart from the pretty liars. now everything is turning black. i awoke shaking from my american dream. the night was bleeding into me. born to die first. born to fuck off. black sheep cries wolf.

trample - i want to bury this city. self-righteous youth, blind and bemused. i am ripe with hate. send them to their early graves. earthbound, choking on this lost sound. dirty as the day when i fucked my love away. i can't breath. i can't sleep. an arsenal of these empty streets as i fall...six feet deep in reverie. your god has forgotten this town. now you'll rot with your useless friends. we are the hunters, and you are the game. six feet deep in reverie.

dirtswimmers - drop to your knees and show your mouth to a priest and accept the body from his holy hand. his clean, white leash tells you who he is. your confessions are meaningless. lift the veil of shit, don't let these pigs convince you that your guilt is your own, they put it there to break you. who does your soul belong to? my father is my shadow. my brother, my reflection. don't promise me a kingdom, i've got my own direction. every day is a fucking stride, but i won't yield to their vicious lies. raise your fist to an empty sky. these fools are thinking that they've earned their place by his side while they pass along collection plates. i lift my head against the church, a big black beast with an insatiable thirst. hold the reins upon my maker's back, carve the words into its filthy neck; life is wasted. failure defined.

old dogs, new wounds - problems exists. and problems, they fucking persist. if this is an internal war, then who the fuck am i fighting for? too much time spent hoping for a cure, misery's a compliment when you're living for these idiots. the penalty is life. when everything thing comes crashing down, i'll lose my head before i lose my crown. i swore that things would change but these nights that i'm living are keeping me sane. the black wings that i call my friends carry me home when my fortunes end. we’ve all hated and we’ve all been wronged but we face the cold as the beat goes on. for all the faces that pass us by, for all the chances getting lost in time, for all the days that would see no end, for all the nights that we never slept, the penalty is life. existence is a jackal devouring our hearts, but we don't lose pride in our step as the world falls apart.

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