Sunday, February 8, 2015

fathom another year

2014 was quite a year for us.

it'd be hard to sum up the year we've had, what we've lost and what we've gained. but we are privileged to have played with so many bands and so many great people who have helped us along the way. we're currently writing new material, and playing a show here and there. be sure to keep up with us on facebook and instagram for all updates, as this site serves as more of an archive for past ventures.

we've got plenty of merch for sale,
and we're still shipping records across the country.
(paypal to the top right, have you gotten a record yet?)

again, we'd like to thank everyone for the continued support throughout all these years. it's helped us become the band we are today. from every basement to every stage we've shared we are grateful for the opportunity to share our music with you all. here are a few photos from the end of the year to help wrap this up. again, follow the links to the right from facebook and instagram, the best place to catch all the current happenings.

all photos courtesy of Jess Rechsteiner.

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